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Integrate with AB Tasty (Flagship)
Integrate with AB Tasty (Flagship)
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When you connect Panobi with your AB Tasty (Flagship) features, you’ll get a comprehensive view of all active initiatives and the most informed “big picture” for planning and decision-making.

Connecting AB Tasty (Flagship) lets you...

  • automate status changes for your releases

  • accurately detect experiment overlaps

  • capture the correct chronology of your work for post-mortem analysis of metrics

How to connect with AB Tasty (Flagship)

These steps can also be found in your Panobi Integration Settings, if you have not yet configured this integration.

You'll need admin privileges in AB Tasty in order to complete the following steps.

  1. Generate your client ID and client secret

    The client secret (and corresponding client ID) will authorize Panobi to access feature information in AB Tasty (Flagship).

    • When logged in at AB Tasty’s Flagship app, go to, and click on “Integrations” in the left-hand navigation.

    • Click on the “Remote Control API” tab across the top of the Integrations page.

    • To start the process of generating a new access token, enter a name for it in the “Access name” field — we recommend something like “Panobi integration”.

    • Select “All environments” from the environments dropdown, or limit them as you’d prefer.

    • Under “Actions to authorize”, configure the options as follows:

      • Under “Use case Creation and Edition”, select only “Get use case list” from the dropdown.

      • Under “Project creation and Edition”, select only “Get the list of project” from the dropdown.

      • Under “Flags”, select only “Get Flags List”.

    • Click the “+ Generate” button in the bottom-right corner, and when the access credentials pop-up window opens, be sure to keep it open for the next steps! (Otherwise, you will have to generate a new client ID and secret.)

  2. Plug in your account credentials

    • In Panobi, go to Find AB Tasty (Flagship) in the list of available integrations, and click on it.

    • Find the account credentials section in the Configuration tab. From the open pop-up window in AB Tasty, copy the contents of the “ClientId” field and paste in the corresponding input field in Panobi. Keep the pop-up open!

    • Then copy the contents of the “ClientSecret” field from AB Tasty, and paste it in the corresponding field in Panobi. You may now close the pop-up.

    • Next you'll need your account ID, which helps Panobi connect to your account’s AB Tasty features.

  3. Enter your environment ID

    After you've successfully connected the integration, you'll need to configure your environment ID, which helps Panobi connect to the right subset of features.

    • From, click on “Environment settings” in the left-hand navigation.

    • If you have multiple environments, check that you’ve selected the correct one from the dropdown in the top navigation.

    • Copy your environment ID from the top of the page.

    • Return to your Panobi Integration settings for AB Tasty (Flagship), and paste it in the correct input field in the Environment ID section.


If you run into any issues integrating your Panobi workspace with AB Tasty (Flagship), please reach out to our support team.

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