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Integrate with LaunchDarkly
Integrate with LaunchDarkly
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When you connect Panobi with your LaunchDarkly feature flags, you’ll get a comprehensive view of all active initiatives and the most informed “big picture” for planning and decision-making.

Connecting LaunchDarkly lets you...

  • automate status changes for your releases

  • accurately detect experiment overlaps

  • capture the correct chronology of your work for post-mortem analysis of metrics

How to connect with LaunchDarkly

These steps can also be found in your Panobi Integration Settings, if you have not yet configured this integration.

  1. Generate an access token in LaunchDarkly

    The access token will authorize Panobi to access feature flag data in LaunchDarkly.

    • Click “Create token” under Access tokens

    • Name the access token (something like “Panobi integration”)

    • If you're on a LaunchDarkly Enterprise account, check the “Service token” checkbox (to make your organization the owner of the integration)

    • Click “Save token”

    • Click on the generated token to save it to your clipboard

  2. Plug in your access token

    • In Panobi, navigate to your Settings, click on "Integrations", and choose LaunchDarkly from the list of available integrations. Open the Configuration tab and find the input field for the access token.

    • Paste your access token into the field and click "Connect".

    • Select the project and environment with the feature flags you’d like to connect to Panobi.


If you run into any issues integrating your Panobi workspace with LaunchDarkly, check out our troubleshooting article.

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